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Hi! My name is George and I’m a web developer from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I believe in clean and minimalistic design.

Feel free to check out my work or view my résumé. I am currently available for hire, so if I sound fit for your next project, don’t hesitate to contact me!

I’m a social person. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Either way, you can find me at the following places:


The Stevenson Group is an employee benefits specialist company with more than 70 years combined experience. They’ve been serving the needs of associations with multiple employer plans in Houston for more than 30 years.

CMS: wordpress

LAB501 is one of the main hardware website in Romania (our home country). They decided that it was time to refresh their website design and also to release another website for mobile devices. After a few emails and beer-meetings we started to work on a new WordPress theme.

The brief: LAB501 needed a complete redesign, a fresh new look that will further establish their visual identity. They came to us with all the PSD designs and told us that we need to develop everything. By everything, they were talking about a new WordPress Theme, future-proof (they had bad experience with themes that had problems after WordPress updates), responsive, a new forum theme (vBulletin) and social media presence (Facebook, Youtube and Google+).

The solution: We started to work on the WordPress theme first because there were only 5 page designs (homepage, category, single-page, about us and downloads). Then we moved on to the forum theme and finally to the social media implementation. All these took 10 working days.

CMS: wordpress

NWRLI is the only Northwest (USA) company dedicated to liquidating bank and credit union repossessed recreational equipment. They have a wide selection of banks and a great inventory to choose from.

CMS: wordpress

Chipman is a moving and storage company from Spokane, Washington. The project was outsourced to us by Accelerated Freelance. Our job was to develop a WordPress Theme that could be use even by a non-technical person.

CMS: wordpress

Full Channel is very well known company, delivering cable TV to customers throughout Barrington, Warren and Bristol in Rhode Island. This project was also outsourced to us by Accelerated Freelance.

The brief stated that Full Channel needs a new website for their community sub-domain. The website should import RSS feeds and display them in their appropriate categories.

The solution we provided made use of WordPress and an RSS Import plugin. Another plugin was responsible for the homepage slider which featured the main categories of the website and the newly imported RSS items with images under each category. All the other items present on the homepage are widgets easily customizable in Admin.

CMS: wordpress

This was an outsourced project done for Redflex Media, a webdesign company based in London, UK. The brief for this project was very clear, the client needed a presentation website, easy to manage by non-technical people. Later on, this project expanded and we’ve added a blog section and an Events module integrated with PayPal.

CMS: wordpress

I was contacted by Noah, a freelance web-designer from Chicago. After a few email messages I understood what he needed and we started working.

CMS: wordpress

This project was outsourced to us by Redflex Media, a webdesign company based in London, UK. The brief was very easy, we had to modify 20% of the main WordPress theme, including some CSS adjustments, homepage slider and footer modifications.

CMS: wordpress

The Challenger Learn Center was one of our first project, it was outsourced to us by Accelerated Freelance, a company from Washington, USA. Challenger Center for Space Science Education offers dynamic, hands-on exploration and discovery opportunities to students around the world. The brief was very clear: we had to create a generic WordPress Theme that could be used and customized by different Challenger Learn Centers around the US.

CMS: wordpress

This project was outsourced to us by Redflex Media, a webdesign company based in London, UK. The brief was very clear, we had to move the website from one domain to another, and modify 30% of the original theme. We had to use Cufon, change the color scheme, create a new custom form with email notifications and validation and other minor tweaks and modifications.

CMS: wordpress

Kiddoware is a small Phoenix, Arizona, based company that creates kids apps for mobile devices and tablets.

CMS: wordpress

In September 2012 we received an email from our friends, Accelerated Freelance, regarding a project for the company FullStream Services LLC. Shortly after, we started working on a WordPress Theme based on a Photoshop design.

The brief: a website easy to use both for visitors and for those that will manage its content. It will be a presentation website about how to protect our waterways through awareness and intervention.

The solution: we used WordPress and we build a theme accordingly to the PSD design in just 24 hours. The whole theme has only 3 pages with a different design (homepage, secondary pages and contact page). For the homepage we used a hero-slider to feature important messages and three gallery items (images and description) easily managed from the WordPress Admin.

CMS: wordpress

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